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Two Women, Two Cameras — Two Very Different Projects

In this episode (introducing our spanky new intro!), we talk to two women with very different experiences in front of the camera, and Jocelyn ambushes Tod with an interview about expectations, human echolocation and what he expected on their first date.
Featuring interviews with @karolynprg, source of the #hospitalglam hashtag that’s been burning up the twittersphere, and Dakota Wild, a model on quasi-porn site GimpsGoneWild.

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Video Games, Playgrounds, and Porn

In this episode (introducing our spanky new intro!), we chat with a video game developer about why there aren’t more people with disabilities in video games. A listener asks: Why aren’t there more gimps in porn? We play a NPR piece about accessible playgrounds. And we discover why Jocelyn does NOT put her pants on like everybody else.

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When Wheelchairs Meet Airplanes

Sure, airplanes CAN take you and your wheelchair — question is: how likely is it they’ll screw something up. (Spoiler: Likely.)

We recorded this on a beach in Mexico to talk all about travelling, airplanes, and cruiseships. Plus we open the mailbag to read a comment about our last episode, Playing the Gimp Card.

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Pulling the Gimp Card

In this episode, we talk about when it’s appropriate to “pull the gimp card,” we discuss the ethics of sexual surrogacy, and we debate whether a bank’s ad showing a disabled woman is inspiring or an evil marketing ploy. Click to play:... read more

Devotees, The Final Chapter

In this episode, we talk to a devotee/admirer about why he’s sexually attracted to amputees and people in wheelchairs. Then we talk to a woman amputee (here’s her YouTube channel and Facebook Page) about why she befriends devotees. We also talk about... read more

Fun with Devotees

In this post-engagement (!) episode, Jocelyn and Tod talk about devotees — people who are sexually attracted to women with disabilities. You hear whether Jocelyn thought Tod was a devotee the first time we met, and we interview our friend Jess who has the most... read more
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The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability: For All of Us Who Live with Disabilities, Chronic Pain and Illness (Paperback) – Common

For everyone, men and women of all ages and sexual identities, The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability covers the span of disabilities-from chronic fatigue and back pain to spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, and many others.

Here’s everything you need to know to create a sex life that works for you: Building a positive sexual self-image; Sexual positions to minimize stress and maximize pleasure; Anatomy, orgasm, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal penetration; How to deal with fatigue, pain, and spasms during sex; Where to find partners and how to talk to your partners about sex and disability; Adapting sex toys to make them work for you; Making sex safe-emotionally and physically; Exploring yoga, Tantric sex, and S/M play; How to discuss sex with physicians and other health care providers; Safer sex solutions for people with latex and chemical sensitivities.

Push Girl: A Novel

When Kara wakes up after a party, she has no memory of the night before. Where is she? Why are her parents crying? And, most importantly — why can’t she feel her legs? As Kara is forced to adjust to her new life as a paralyzed teen, where her friends aren’t who they seemed to be and her once-adoring boyfriend is mysteriously absent, she starts to realize that what matters in life isn’t what happens to you — it’s the choices you make and the people you love.

Co-written by “Push Girls” star Chelsie Hill, whose real life inspired Kara’s experience, this uplifting novel takes young readers from tragedy to triumph with an unforgettable and unique heroine.

The Promise: A Tragic Accident, a Paralyzed Bride, and the Power of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship

Just weeks before her wedding, four of Rachelle Friedman’s friends threw her a bachelorette party. At the end of a perfect evening of dancing and celebration, they decided to take a moonlight swim. One of her friends playfully pushed her into the water . . . two feet too far from the deep end. That chilling moment changed their lives forever. Rachelle broke her neck and was paralyzed from the chest down. She would never walk again.

The Promise is a powerful memoir of resilience, love, and loyalty. On the night of the accident, the five girls made an unspoken agreement to never reveal the name of the friend who had pushed Rachelle into the pool—and their bond has remained unbroken. As Rachelle undergoes a physical battle for her life, her friend struggles emotionally to prevent one moment in time from defining her forever. It’s the story of true integrity; it’s also about finding the incredible strength inside each of us we never knew we had.

Also a love story, The Promise chronicles Rachelle and Chris’s relationship, their struggle with her paralysis and rehab, the physical challenges of intimacy, and ultimately, their fairy-tale wedding.

Sex and Disability

The title of this collection of essays, Sex and Disability, unites two terms that the popular imagination often regards as incongruous. The major texts in sexuality studies, including queer theory, rarely mention disability, and foundational texts in disability studies do not discuss sex in much detail. What if “sex” and “disability” were understood as intimately related concepts? And what if disabled people were seen as both subjects and objects of a range of erotic desires and practices?

These are among the questions that this collection’s contributors engage. From multiple perspectives—including literary analysis, ethnography, and autobiography—they consider how sex and disability come together and how disabled people negotiate sex and sexual identities in ableist and heteronormative culture. Queering disability studies, while also expanding the purview of queer and sexuality studies, these essays shake up notions about who and what is sexy and sexualizable, what counts as sex, and what desire is. At the same time, they challenge conceptions of disability in the dominant culture, queer studies, and disability studies.