Wheelchair Devotees

Fun with Devotees

In this post-engagement (!) episode, Jocelyn and Tod talk about devotees — people who are sexually attracted to women with disabilities. You hear whether Jocelyn thought Tod was a devotee the first time we met, and we interview our friend Jess who has the most incredible devotee experience you will ever hear!!


  1. I use a wheelchair, too, and I was pretty uncomfortable with part of this conversation because of all of the questions Tod asked, and descriptions given, about Jocelyn’s legs and various injuries she’s experienced. It didn’t seem relevant to the conversation, and actually left me feeling a little like a creepy devotee just for listening. If what’s so weird about devotee attention is the way people are fascinated out of context by our physical differences, it seems like going into detail out of context is feeding that.

    My personal approach is that I don’t like to talk in much detail early on in an acquaintanceship about my disability and how I acquired it. Strangers ask a lot about it, and I consider it a personal story that, like my romantic history, is something that’s better told when I know someone better. I’ve never experienced devotee attention myself–at least not to the point where someone announced a fetish for my disability–but I do get a lot of very personal questions from strangers about the cause and nature of my disability. I find those questions uncomfortable because I feel like the person asking them doesn’t understand or respect how personal those questions really are. So that’s the larger context of why I felt uncomfortable listening to a detailed description of Jocelyn’s leg injuries that didn’t seem to be relevant to the conversation at hand.

    It’s fine to speak in detail when it’s relevant, and I’ll talk openly with friends about my own disability once the relationship has gone beyond the kind of acquaintanceship that seems to be about disability curiosity. It’s the context that makes all the difference to me. I understand that this conversation is all about disability, and that we share things with each other that we might not share with strangers on the bus, but it seems like part of this conversation was an unintended illustration of exactly what we don’t want.

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