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Take Me To Them
Gimphacks is the disability podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. For people with paraplegia, quadriplegia, spina bifida, paralysis, and more! Here are some of our recent episodes:

Cheers or Jeers: Benjamin Yonattan on America’s Got Talent

How do you know if a person with a disability succeeds because of their inspiring story alone – or does it matter? Last night on America’s Got Talent Judge’s Cuts (essentially the semi-finals) 14-year old visually impaired dancer Benjamin Yonattan got put through to compete at the finals at Radio City Music Hall… but should he have been sent home instead? Is Benjamin Yonattan’s story a case of inspiration porn, writ large? I’m torn, but Tod was unequivocal. We’ll definitely be talking about Yonattan and his second audition on the next episode, so tell us what you think! Leave a comment below so we can have your thoughts in our next... read more

Where We Have Been

In this episode, we explain where we’ve been and why we haven’t put out a podcast in forever. Also: Is addiction a disability? And yet another the Dick of the Month.

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Hospital Glam and Gimps Gone Wild

In this episode (introducing our spanky new intro!), we talk to two women with very different experiences in front of the camera, and Jocelyn ambushes Tod with an interview about expectations, human echolocation and what he expected on their first date.
Featuring interviews with @karolynprg, source of the #hospitalglam hashtag that’s been burning up the twittersphere, and Dakota Wild, a model on quasi-porn site GimpsGoneWild.

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Video Games, Playgrounds, and Porn

In this episode (introducing our spanky new intro!), we chat with a video game developer about why there aren’t more people with disabilities in video games. A listener asks: Why aren’t there more gimps in porn? We play a NPR piece about accessible playgrounds. And we discover why Jocelyn does NOT put her pants on like everybody else.

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When Wheelchairs Meet Airplanes

Sure, airplanes CAN take you and your wheelchair — question is: how likely is it they’ll screw something up. (Spoiler: Likely.)

We recorded this on a beach in Mexico to talk all about travelling, airplanes, and cruiseships. Plus we open the mailbag to read a comment about our last episode, Playing the Gimp Card.

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Pulling the Gimp Card

In this episode, we talk about when it’s appropriate to “pull the gimp card,” we discuss the ethics of sexual surrogacy, and we debate whether a bank’s ad showing a disabled woman is inspiring or an evil marketing ploy. Here are the commercials we mentioned: And here’s the French ad Jocelyn talked... read more

Devotees, The Final Chapter

In this episode, we talk to a devotee/admirer about why he’s sexually attracted to amputees and people in wheelchairs. Then we talk to a woman amputee (here’s her YouTube channel and Facebook Page) about why she befriends devotees. We also talk about labels (will we ever be able to reclaim “cripple”?) and much more! Want to see the Google chart of word usage we mention? It’s here. Be sure to leave us a voice message by clicking the green button on the... read more

Fun with Devotees

In this post-engagement (!) episode, Jocelyn and Tod talk about devotees — people who are sexually attracted to women with disabilities. You hear whether Jocelyn thought Tod was a devotee the first time we met, and we interview our friend Jess who has the most incredible devotee experience you will ever... read more

You Park Like an Asshole

In this inaugural podcast episode, Jocelyn and Tod bemoan jackass handicapped parking idiots, debate whether an Olympic-level athlete is “gimpy” enough to compete, and discover clever new gimp-hack uses for Transformer toys. Email us!... read more


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